Getting Ready for the New Term- a Note to All Instructors on

The new term is approaching, getting your virtual classroom(s) ready is so essential since it eases our clients' (especially low-levels) stress and reduces the amount of time you and PAs on directing clients to their virtual classrooms. To get things ready, DNs would appreciate you ensuring your Avenue course participants list syncs with your latest NewOrg list which is updated by the end of each Thursday before intake.

DNs have gathered the following videos to support you, and leverage the learning activities that best meet your clients’ needs. Special thanks to all the video contributors (David, Paul, Kate and Learnit2teach team)

Category one: Virtual classroom management


  1. (only CLB 5 and up instructors) registering a new user (Time Zone- Atlantic) 
  2. (Clients management) enrolling an existing user to your course 
  3. (Clients management) unenrolling/removing the participant(s) from your course. 
  4. (Zoom) everything you need to know about your Zoom Host Key, Zoom link update 
  5. (Group Messaging) using Announcement Forum to send a group message to all clients’ email. 
  6. (LLC and EWP) One on One program group restrictions set up   
  7. (Page view) viewing your course page as a student 


Category Two: Learning Activities Management 


  1. (Topic) adding a new topic -Your topic name can be a date, a week, the name of a task or a theme. Various learning activities can be added in this topic.
  2. (Choice) adding a choice activity  – You can use a choice activity to do conduct a needs assessment or schedule a learner feedback conference 
  3. (Page) adding a page activity the page activity is a superpower handout you give to your clients. (you can add H5P/audio/video/link etc…, almost everything to the Page)
  4. (Forum) using a discussion forum 
  5. (H5P) creating H5P activities from the scratch on your Avenue course. 
  6. (Sharing cart)Sharing and Editing H5P activities from the Shared Course (ISANS CLB 1-4 and CLB 5-8).  
  7. (Reading/Listening exercise) Using H5P Quiz (Question set) to make the reading/listening exercise. 


Student Support (self-directory videos)


  1. (Avenue login- Cellphone) Logging into Avenue 
  2. (Avenue Login- Laptop) 
  3. (Assignment) completing a listening Assignment. 
  4. (Assignment) completing a speaking Assignment. 
  5. (Assignment) completing a reading Assignment. 
  6. (Assignment) completing a writing Assignment. 


Thank you for all your business to make ISANS, the leading organization, on As of today, there are 113 courses under ISANS category.




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